Ayodhya Verdict: Land Goes to Ram Mandir, Alternate Land of 5 Acres to Muslims

Ayodhya Verdict: Land Goes to Ram Mandir, Alternate Land of 5 Acres to Muslims

One of the longest-running title disputes in India, Ayodhya Verdict: Land Goes to Ram Mandir, Alternate Land of 5 Acres to Muslims. The Supreme Court has given the entire disputed 2.77-acre land to the Hindu parties with a trust to be formed by the Centre within three months to monitor the construction of a Ram Temple.

Ayodhya Verdict Made Easy, Explained

5 judge of the constitution has been formed for the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case. Before this Allahabad court has given a dispute of land to three-part for Ram Lalla’s, Nirmohi Akhara and Sunni Waqf Board.

Ram Lalla’s was claiming, that is Ram Janmabhoomi and Nirmohi Akhara was claiming that full maintain of mandir should give it to them. and third Sunni Waqf Board was claiming that there was a Babri Masjid so we have a claim in the land where the Babri Masjid was built. These are the three-party and they were not happy with the verdict of Allahabad court. So Supreme Court decided last year itself that they will form a constitution and sit for day to day hearing of 44 days. After a long hearing, today verdict has come.

Chief Judged of the constitution told

Chief Judged of the constitution told that this decision will be unanimous of 5 – 0. What? Allahabad court was decided was not correct. As continued archaeology survey of India clearly explained that below the masjid, there was a temple that is a clear proof. On the other hand, Sunni Waqf Board told there is no such proof. Chief Judged confirmed that both claim look strong in their own side. And the third part claim of maintains from Nirmohi Akhara is completely out of the game and Shia Muslim also claimed that also out of the game. Now the decision has been taken between Ram Lalla’s and Sunni Waqf Board.

At last, after long run, Constitutions decided 2.7 Land Goes to Ram Lalla’s to build Ram Mandir for Sunni Waqf Board get a Land of 5 Acres some were in the Ayodhya itself to build a Masjid. and third decision was made that within 3 months the trust will form to maintain the Ram Mandir even Nirmohi Akhara may also join as a member in the trust which going to form by central.

All Agree with the decision of court there is no issues anymore. But Sunni Waqf Board advocate said we respect the court decision and we will thing whether to take it to review petition or not.

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