10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets 2019

10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets 2019

Phone now become Smart and Gadgets that we are using for the Phone should be coolest ever right? So here you can see the 10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets of 2019

1. Revolver lens Kit

10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets 2019
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Interested in photography? then for sure, you will like this type of Gadgets. Nowadays many of the smartphones have great camera quality which click good pictures. If you really want to click it like a pro. Than this gadget will help you. This Gadget is an additional camera lens kit which you can stick it to your back of the smartphone. In this, you will get many types of lenses like Wide Angle / Super Macro and even FishEye Lenses.

2. Photo Printer

10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets 2019
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In this generation, Taking selfies have become very common. But when it comes to printing Its been a Big question? and also it is cost-effective. But Now you No Need! to go to shop for printing. Here a Smart gadgets for printing purpose a PHOTO PRINTER. Its world smallest printer which prints instantly, with the help of this printer you can print an ‘N’ number of photos with a good quality of your HD pics. To use this printer you have to connect it with the USB port of your phone and print it instantly.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets 2019
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Nowadays many like to hear music and songs in the smartphone itself. Because many of the smartphone provided good speakers but still due to the small size of speakers we miss the feel and the quality of music. For this type of issues, we can solve with an Amazing smart gadget called pocket wireless Bluetooth speaker and you can stick it in your back case of the phone connect to your Bluetooth and start hearing the music.

4. Phone Floaty

10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets 2019
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If you’re a person who been around a water-like a beach and swimming pool. Then this gadget is useful for you. Now many of the smartphone comes with the water-resistant. But we cant save your smartphone from sinking in the beach or pool. So this Phone Floaty will save your smartphone by sinking it and bring it back to the top. The gadgets are made of floaty material that keep your smartphone floating.

5. Boat 311 Earbuds

10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets 2019
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New Boat 311 Earbuds is wireless headphone. Many are using a wired headphone which easy to use but when it comes to handling it been a bit tough. So if you’re the one who irritated with wired headphone for those here come the Boat 311 Earbuds wireless headphone which comes with high-quality speakers and inbuild battery when you not using, it will charge automatically. It’s very lightweight so you can use it for a long time with no strain.

6. Heat Sensitive Thermal iPhone Case

10 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets 2019
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If you are an iPhone user who pays a huge amount then you need this heat Sensitive Thermal back case which comes with a unique feature, its change the colour when you keep something with high temperature. and it’s well-protected back case with high quality and flexibility.

7. Ring Spinner For Phone

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You have been seen many fidget spinners but this one is different and exclusively for smartphone which you can stick it in the back of your phone and wear it like a ring then you can use it for multi propose like a fidget spinner can spin your smartphone and hold it safely while you lie down and many more.

8. Smartphone Sanitizer

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We use soap to clean our hand and body. Do you know there is a soap to clean your smartphone too that is our next smart gadgets in the list called Smartphone Sanitizer that will help you to clean a bacteria which covers on your phone? And it’s easy to carry anywhere.

9. Mi Led Smart Bulb

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The Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is one of the newest products from Xiaomi’s smart home devices portfolio to make its way to the Indian market. Its been a great Smart bulb which has a feature like 16 million colours, Smart controls Via Mi Home app, 11year long life, No bridge/hub required and also works with Voice assistant.

10. Charger Spy Camera

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Here is the SPY Camera Charger. In the market, there are many spy camera but this one is something different where it completely looks like a charger and has a 1080 px camera in it. And also its completely wireless and you can connect it to your phone and have an eye on your precious things. Its also have AI dedication which will give you notification on mobile phone when there is a movement near your camera.

Kindly read a description clearly of the products before you buy online.

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