Mi Smart Band 4 Sale in India Today

Mi Smart Band 4: Sale today on Amazon.in
Buy Mi Smart Band 4 on Amazon.in: https://amzn.to/2LB81KF

After a huge success of Mi Band 3 with sale of around 1.5 Millon band. Now Xiaomi has come with the latest update of Mi Smart Band 4 in Amazon today with a price of Rs 2,229. The Mi smart band comes with advanced features such as the OLED display which is bigger than Mi band 3. 0.95-inch AMOLED color touch-enabled screen that offers a resolution of 240x120p. The screen of the Band 4 is protected with a layer of 2.5D curved glass on top.

The screen of the Mi Smart Band 4 shows several notifications like SMS, WhatsApp messages, fitness details, among other things. It also allows users to control music playback of their smartphones.

The Mi Smart Band 4 offers a long battery life Xiaomi claims it can offer up to 20 days of battery life on a single charge. The battery life of the Mi Band 4 is incredible and in my one week of usage, It didn’t have to charge the Band for even once. Notably, It had the heart rate sensor and sleep tracker switched on all the time. Despite that, the Mi Band lasted almost over a week. At the end of the week, the Mi Band had a 20 percent battery left.

Mi Smart Band 4 comes with various smart fitness features like heart rate sensors, sleep tracking, and also activities like running, cycling, swimming, among others in real-time.

Similar to all the previous generation Mi Bands the Mi Smart Band 4 can also be controlled via Mi Fit app. The Mi Fit app brings features like night mode (that dims the display of the band automatically at sunset or during any scheduled duration).

Why should you buy it?

It is a great deal to buy Mi smart band 4 with the price of 2,299 is an incredible product from Xiaomi. It is an advanced fitness band that Xiaomi has ever launched. The Mi Smart Band 4 is a great value for the money smart fitness band. It brings big and bright display, incredible battery life, various smart and fitness features, decent design and so on. For the price tag, the Mi Smart Band 4 is the best smart fitness band available in India right now.”

Mi Smart Band 4 Available On Amazon.in

Xiaomi sale the Mi Smart Band 4 in India with a price of Rs 2,299. The Mi Smart Band 4 will be available in India for the first time on September 19, the company has announced. The Mi Smart Band 4 will be available across various retail channels — Mi.com and Amazon.in. Xiaomi has also revealed that the Mi Smart Band 4 comes in five color bands in total.

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