Kamal Haasan says “We capable to see unity in diversity”

Kamal Haasan says, "we capable to see unity in diversity"

Great Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan has replied to Home minister Amit Shah’s In his own creative way through video for the comment about Hindi becoming a unifying language sparked controversy on Saturday. The Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) Chief never misses a chance to remind him that “We respect all languages but our mother language will always be tamil.”

In Video Kamal Haasan started by saying “Many raja’s (kings) who hand over their thrones to formed a one India but the one thing that many people across states refused to give up was the ways of their language and culture. Then he talks about “In 1950 when India got independent the same promise made by government. Now No Shah, Sultan or Samrat must give away the promise”

Kamal remind them with the successful protest stages by the Tamil people on the ban on Jallikattu, also that the protests and victory were small in scale in comparison to what could happen if Tamil’s were to take to the streets to defend their language. He added that such an event was unnecessary for Tamil Nadu and India at large. “India or Tamil Nadu doesn’t need or deserve”.

He added “Most of the India never sang the National anthem in their own languages except Bengali’s. Still we happily sing the National anthem and will always because of the great poet who wrote the Indian national anthem by giving respect to all states, culture and language too.”

Late. Dr.M Karunanidhi who always fights for Tamil Language and Tamil culture. Now MK Stalin, DMK chief and Leader of the Opposition in Tamil Nadu, was equally assertive that Hindi could not be imposed on southern states. “This is India, not Hindia,” he said on Saturday, following up on comments made in June when he warned the Center of a “language war”.

At last MNM Chief Kamal Haasan ended by saying “India is a Feast of Variety and that forcing a certain thing would be detrimental and unwelcome. And we capable to see unity in diversity.”

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